Why choose Just Camps

We create safe, enjoyable and active activity camps for 4-16 year olds

What makes Just Camps different.

At Just Camps, we pride ourselves on our creativity, bringing new and innovative ideas to our camps! Whether it’s games, sports, arts and crafts or an array of different activities, we love variety and keeping kids entertained throughout our camps.

The Just Camps story...

The Just Camps story...

Just Camps was established in 2010 and we’ve always been focused on health, fitness, fun and entertainment.

Our goal is always to be a quality, fun-loving kids camp that provides a safe and enjoyable environment for kids who come from all different backgrounds.

Everything we do is perfect for all kids, no matter what their interests, skill sets or preferences might be!

We’ve grown from our original home in Cheltenham to a loyal team of coaches across Banbury, Gloucester, Leicester Warwick and Worcester.

But while we’re now seven camps strong, we still maintain that same ethos that we started with way back in 2010!

Matt’s Story...

Matt’s Story...

With all of his experience from working within the sports, health and fitness industry, Matt decided to set up his own quality, fun loving kids camp. He wanted to create a camp which can provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for kids who come from all different backgrounds with many different interests and skill sets.

Matt dedicated his time and efforts in the early years of the business into creating and developing the original camp in Cheltenham. With a loyal team of coaches behind him, Matt was able to expand the Just Camps name into Banbury, Bristol, Gloucester, Kitebrook, Leicester, Worcester and Warwick. Now, with an ever growing team of experienced and enthusiastic coaches, Just Camps is now seven camps strong!

Meet the Team

Our coaches are not only employed for their qualifications and experience but also their infectious personalities and abilities to support each and every child's needs in order to enhance their development.

What types of Camps or Programmes do you offer?

We offer a range of camps and programmes, whether it’s Holiday/Activity Camps, Wraparound Care, Birthday Parties, After School Sports Clubs, School PE Support or Saturday Sessions! Check them out below and click on the images for more info!

Like what you see? Why not try Just Camps today! Spaces are limited so register early to secure your place!

What a typical day at Just Camps looks like

Below is a sample of a typical day at camp with session breakdown. Activities change on a daily basis and are kept fresh to make sure all participants are engaged and having fun.

  1. Extended day: Board Games/Arts & Crafts

  2. Full Camp Registration

  3. Session 1: Tag Games

  4. Session 2: Cricket/Rounders

  5. Snack Break

  6. Session 3: Arts & Crafts

  7. Session 4: Cops & Robbers

  8. Lunchtime & Half Day Pick Up

  9. Session 5: Dodgeball

  10. Drinks Break

  11. Session 6: Nerf

  12. Wrap up & Full Day Pick Up

  13. Extended day: Nintendo Switch/Quiz

  14. Last Collection

Essential Information & FAQs

Someone may have already asked the same question. View our FAQs to see if we have a quick answer for you.

What should I bring?

Packed Lunch
Appropriate Clothing
Lots of Energy and Enthusiasm!

Please do not bring any mobile phone or tablet as these will not be allowed out at camp.

Do you take Child Care Vouchers?

Yes we take most mainstream vouchers including:

  • Eden Red
  • Kiddie Vouchers
  • Care-4
  • Co-Op
  • Computer Share 
  • Busy Bees
  • Fideliti
  • Sodexo
  • RG Childcare
  • Tax Free Childcare

Once you Register and select thr relavant childcare voucher the system will give you the correct account to send payment to.

Please make payment at the time of booking to secure your place.

Will my children be kept in the same group?

Children are grouped mainly in to age appropriate groups for certain activities. If siblings desire to be kept together please speak to the Camp Director on the first morning of camp.

Does it matter that my child doesnt know anyone?

It is absolutely fine that children come to camp on their own not knowing anyone. We have children attend from different schools all across the county, they are encouraged to make friends and include everyone in all activities.
We actually run a 'Make a Mate' Monday where everyone gets to meet everyone else and learn each others names.