Going For Gold

The Going for Gold programme is running everyday over camp and gives the kids an opportunity to earn their way through gaining a Bronze, Silver and Gold medal.

How do they earn their medals?

The kids will be given an achievement card. This is a tick box card which the kids can bring to camp every day. The kids can earn a tick in the box by displaying good behaviour and achievement. At the end of each day the coaches will hopefully be able to give each child a tick in the box, which moves them one step closer to earning their next medal.

Once they have completed their Bronze medal, they will move on to their Silver and Finally their Gold!

Achievement Card

How hard is it to earn a medal?

Click on the medals below to see the criteria for Bronze, Silver and Gold. As the kids move up, we challenge them more and more so they can improve their confidence, make more friends and show to them, what they can personally achieve.








  • I made an arrest in Cops & Robbers
  • I know how to start a running race
  • I showed good skills in a game of Splat
  • I learnt everyone's name at camp
  • I made a themed piece of art in Arts & Crafts
  • I showed I can run, jump and throw to a high level
  • I always listen when the coaches are talking
  • I took part in all activities this week
  • I brought in a healthy lunch/snack
  • I try to get other kids involved in the activities
  • I did a freestyle dance or acted for the other kids
  • I act as a good role model at all times
  • I beat the coaches in 'Challenge The Coach'


  • I showed good listening skills at camp
  • I brought a piece of fruit to camp
  • I shared with the other children
  • I dodged a ball in Dodgeball
  • I helped another child at camp
  • I tried my hardest during Arts & Crafts
  • I did the homework the coach set
  • I showed good teamwork
  • I try to take part in all theme days
  • I showed good skills on the SAQ ladders
  • I took part in a new activity
  • I challenged a coach
  • I competed in the Just Camps Olympics


  • I made new friends this week
  • I cheered my team on as loud as possible
  • I stole a tag in Rip Tag
  • I drew a picture of my favourite coach
  • I showed good skills in Hockey
  • I helped design a Tag game
  • I kept my area tidy all week
  • I helped the coaches at camp
  • I helped retrieve the Pirate's treasure
  • I showed good dribbling skills with a ball
  • I took part in at least 3 sports this week
  • I smiled all day at camp
  • I showed I can be a good sport

When are medals given out?

A medal ceremony will be held at the end of each week. Each child that has completed a level will get the chance to come up to the front of the group and receive their medal, whilst being given a huge well done and congratulatory applause!

What happens after achieving a Gold medal?

Our Gold medalists go on to become Mini Coaches. They will get the opportunity to purchase a mini coach top, however if you decide not to, you can still show you’re a mini coach by turning over your achievement card and filling out your mini coach licence!

Mini Coach Licence

What do Mini Coaches do?

Mini Coaches are our most loyal and best behaved kids at camp. They set the example for the other kids and are given the responsibility to help the coaches set up some games. We nominate our Mini Coaches to be team captains during games and can trust that they will help the other kids out during the games, if they need a helping hand.




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