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Just Camps is an award winning holiday camp provider for children. If you are looking to keep your children entertained during the school holidays then look no further. We will be offering holiday camps at every half term and 6 full weeks over the summer holidays

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About our Holiday / Activity Camps

The holiday camps we provide offer a platform for children to develop their communication and teamwork skills whilst taking part in a variety of individual and team games/sports. Our camps are always evolving with new activities being added to allow the children to have the best time possible.

Innovation is key to keeping things fresh but nothing beats the hard work and enthusiasm that derives from the professional coaching team that are hand selected for each camp. We are sure that your children will have a great time and come away with big smiles on their faces.

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Why Choose Just Camps?

Why Choose Just Camps?

From the very first moment the kids arrive, we like to make them feel relaxed and create an engaging environment for them to make new friends. Over the week children will have the chance to participate in a variety of themed games, sporting activities and our main events each day.

The children are put into age-appropriate groups or matched with similar abilities for the different activities to ensure that they have the best time possible. We like to finish each week with a party environment where we invite the children to bring in a snack to share with the group, we hold our Going for Gold medal ceremony and celebrate the achievements of the children throughout their week at Just Camps.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

All Games & Sporting activities are delivered through fun themed sessions where children are learning without realising, this also allows everyone the chance to enjoy participating. Teams are always made fair to challenge each individual on a personal level, with the better players given the responsibility to help team mates achieve their goals!

The Camp Day is split in to different sessions where a different game/sport is played. If there are specific games that individuals like to play, ideas can be passed on to coaches who can add them to the weekly list if appropriate.

Typical Programme Activities

Throughout each camp week we run a vast array of activities including:

Where are the Holiday / Activity Camps?

Please check out our Holiday Camp locations on the map below:

Essential Information & FAQs

Someone may have already asked the same question. View our FAQs to see if we have a quick answer for you.

What should I bring?

Packed Lunch
Appropriate Clothing
Lots of Energy and Enthusiasm!

Please do not bring any mobile phone or tablet as these will not be allowed out at camp.

Do you take Child Care Vouchers?

Yes we take most mainstream vouchers including:

  • Eden Red
  • Kiddie Vouchers
  • Care-4
  • Co-Op
  • Computer Share¬†
  • Busy Bees
  • Fideliti
  • Sodexo
  • RG Childcare
  • Tax Free Childcare

Once you Register and select thr relavant childcare voucher the system will give you the correct account to send payment to.

Please make payment at the time of booking to secure your place.

Will my children be kept in the same group?

Children are grouped mainly in to age appropriate groups for certain activities. If siblings desire to be kept together please speak to the Camp Director on the first morning of camp.

Does it matter that my child doesnt know anyone?

It is absolutely fine that children come to camp on their own not knowing anyone. We have children attend from different schools all across the county, they are encouraged to make friends and include everyone in all activities.
We actually run a 'Make a Mate' Monday where everyone gets to meet everyone else and learn each others names.

Do you offer a corporate discount?

We do offer corporate discounts to many larger local and national businesses, including:
Spirax Sarco
CrossFit Cheltenham

To claim your corporate discount email us from your company email address or speak to the person who deals with your company benefits.

If you wish to discuss adding your company to the list then please email corporatecare@justcamps.co.uk

Are the staff qualified and hold DBS checks?

We are registered with Ofsted and all of our coaches hold the appropriate qualifications to deliver such activities on our camps.

Each coach also holds a current CRB/BDS check which is inspected and recorded.

They are also not only employed for their qualifications but aslo thier infectious personalities and abilities to get the most out of each and every child on camp.

Ofsted Registration

Each of our sites has its own Ofsted Registration number. You can search each location here:

We are registered on Ofsted's Voluntary part of the Childcare Register. If you would like to know more about the registration process and what is required please follow this link

Or contact Ofsted directly:

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Safeguarding Policy

Our Safeguarding Policy:

This safeguarding policy applies to all Owners, staff and volunteers or anyone working on behalf of Just Camps.

The purpose:

- To protect all children and minors under our duty of care at Just Camps.
- To provide all staff and volunteers at Just Camps with guidance on how to approach child protection and safeguarding.
- Just Camps believe no child should be exposed or experience any kind of abuse.
- At Just Camps we accept the responsibility to practice ways that promote child safety and are committed to protect all children and young people under our duty of care.

We recognise that:

- The welfare of the child is paramount, as stated in the Children Act 1989.
- All children, regardless of sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic background, identity, disability, gender or age have a right to be protected from all types of abuse.
- Some children will be more vulnerable than others due to the impact of past experiences. Their level of communication needs and dependency on certain issues.
- Working with children, young people, parents and guardians along with other agencies is essential when promoting child welfare.

We will seek to keep children and young people safe by:

- Following child protection and safeguarding practices by following the staff and volunteers code of conduct.
- Valuing, respecting and listening to all.
- Providing the correct staff and volunteers with support, supervision, training and detailed assurance measures.
- Completing all checks on staff and volunteers before having contact with the children.
- Recording and saving information in a safe and professional manor.
- Sharing information about safeguarding and our practices with the children, families, staff and volunteers through one-to-one discussions and advertisement.
- Using our procedures and policy to manage allegations against staff and volunteers working at Just Camps.
- Using our safeguarding procedures to share relevant information with agencies who are involved with a child, family or carer, where appropriate.
- Maintaining an anti-bullying environment and ensuring there is a policy to successfully deal with bullying incidence.
- Ensuring we have a complaint procedure in place.
- Ensuring we provide a safe environment for all children, staff and volunteers by following health and safety measures in accordance to regulations and the law.

Child Safety & Concerns

If you would like to give us any feedback regarding our Services, Staff or Procedures please contact:

Email: feedback@justcamps.co.uk

Alternatively if you have any concerns regarding any child in our care and would like to discuss matters further please contact us right away:

Manager: Matt Holdback
Email: MattHoldback@justcamps.co.uk
Tel: 0771 692 6147

Or if you would like to discuss matters with an outside body or in cases of emergency please contact:

Ofsted: 0300 123 1231

Police: 101 or 01452 726920

Police: 999

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